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    FFBurnside commented  · 

    Dear Twitch Support Team,

    I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to you today as a passionate member of the PokeMMO community, a game that has significantly grown in popularity since its inception in 2012. As you might be aware, PokeMMO is a massively multiplayer online version of the Pokémon games, offering a unique and engaging experience for players worldwide.

    Recently, we've observed that PokeMMO's player base has reached an all-time high, a testament to the game's enduring appeal and the dedicated efforts of its developers and community. However, with this increased popularity, we've encountered a notable challenge on Twitch. Currently, PokeMMO streams are grouped under the "Pokemon MMO 3D" category, a broader and somewhat misleading classification that encompasses various Pokémon-themed MMOs.

    This categorization has made it increasingly difficult for streamers to reach their intended audience and for viewers to find PokeMMO content specifically. The general "Pokemon MMO 3D" category dilutes the visibility of PokeMMO streams, impacting the growth potential of our community on your platform and complicating the viewer experience.

    Therefore, we kindly request the creation of a dedicated Twitch category for PokeMMO. Establishing a separate category would not only facilitate easier discovery of PokeMMO streams, enhancing the viewing and streaming experience, but also acknowledge the game's significant and growing presence within the Twitch community. A dedicated category would serve as a clear and direct pathway for new and existing fans to connect, share, and enjoy the game together on Twitch.

    We believe this change would greatly benefit both the PokeMMO community and Twitch, fostering further growth and engagement on your platform. Thank you for considering our request. We are looking forward to a positive response and are more than willing to provide any additional information or assistance needed to facilitate this change.

    Warm regards,


    FFBurnside supported this idea  ·