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    mondoth commented  · 

    It's crazy to see so many people in this comment section ready to just accept this fabricated slander by wingnuts.
    No, TB was not sexist or transphobic.. these are just buzzword weaponized by a petty, vitriol and manipulative person.

    And Gamergate did not start as a harassment campaign, despite what left-wingnut propaganda wants people to believe.
    Gamergate started as a stance against corruption in gaming journalism and competitions, and the resulting demand for disclosure and ethics reform. related to cases and accusations of corruption in those topics. And that's exactly the reason why Totalbiscuit was formerly behind the gamergate movement, it had nothing to do with being a "sexist" or "transphobe".
    However some loud extremes turned Twitter into cesspool of insults and rage (like twitter always does).
    Cerrain gaming journalists then slandered and generalized all people that used Gamergate as "misogynist white nerds", which only fueled the fire and some using the shield of "you are just a sexist, so you dont matter" as a deflection of the genuine critique of journalist ethics that gamergate originally stood for.

    Everything ofcourse just escalated with wingnuts from both the left and right jumping into the ring to see who screamed the loudest at each other. Turning the whole thing into a flame war of harassment and personal attacks from everyone. But that had nothing to do with Totalbiscuit or the original idea behind Gamergate. TB even goes into this in one of his videos (I don't recall of the top of my head), he never stood behind any of the doxxing or attacks

    Also, TB did not "rise into fame" because of gamergate. he was already well known within the gaming community as he had worked with professional shoutcasting and Esports, and having even done gaming commentary on radio.
    TB's highest all-time subscriber count was 2mill which he hit in 2015. His subscriber count was already at 1.5+ million subscribers before anything related with Gamergate went down. So that is just a flat out lie.

    Note also how the author writing this page, mentioned no actual substantial evidence to these claims, just deliberately misrepresenting the situation and making false conclusions.