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    dotfrag commented  · 

    So this idea came about as a few other social platforms have processes by which they convert profiles into tribute pages for people who have passed away (Facebook for example being one).

    The example I will use in terms of twitch is Reckful. His substantial following find/found solace, comfort and entertainment in watching his past streams.. his legacy really. After change to his stream key or the way in which this is accessed, his mods can no longer stream from his profile, instead restreaming from an unofficial vod channel, which has nowhere near the exposure to Reckfuls fans as his own page.

    Also his channel was promoting suicide advice/help resources in his chat, to his 900k+ followers. Which I think is a good thing.

    I suggest that partnered streamers of a certain size who pass away, can be immortalised and have their profile convert to a fixed page, which cleverly will not 24/7 broadcast vods, instead holding a live timestamp which progresses through past broadcasts in the background, I guess like a rerun? but without anyone needing to run a streaming client anywhere. On accessing the page, fans can click play and jump like a youtube timestamp URL, to the same place in a vod as anyone else on the page. Chat could remain the same and be a place to talk, this would potentially lower the processing/bandwidth requirement on twitch as it would be on-access and simulate and synchronise viewers without having to broadcast the vod to potentially 0 viewers.

    If vods were limited or inaccessible, allowing mods to vet and approve vods from remote sources would be ideal but I can understand how that could be exploited. The channels could continue to take subs from fans which go directly to family, associated charities and pay for hosting fees. This also would allow fans to enjoy content they love and give in a meaningful way to good causes who have had a positive effect on their lives.

    dotfrag supported this idea  ·