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    Planned  ·  Anonymous responded

    We’re reviewing this. Curious how long you think would be ok.

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    JaaabarUnofficial commented  · 

    I ve changed my username many times mostly because I regret changing it in the 1st place, tried to get it back but it was taken by an a user thats been inactive from the moment he took the username, I think his account has been completely inactive ever since, A good idea would be to just change the inactive username by adding a word or number at the end of it after a set period of inactivity, ex: 1`year if the account was created for the sole purpose of taking the username, so even at the odd ocasion that the inactive user decides to come back to the platform as an active member he can still have his account and part of his username and decide again if he wants to keep the deafult one given by twitch or change it. When youtube had the terrible idea to add a second identification for peoples channels by adding "@" before your username people just stormed in to take already used usernames and people that didn't notice in time now have two diferent identifications that sometimes dont match, I do understand that usernames/channels can be sold for profit, I do disagree with the practice but there has to be way for active users to be able to have the username they realy want rather than beeing forced to have something else just cause a bot-account claimed their username for potential profit. ty for your time.

    JaaabarUnofficial supported this idea  ·