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    sheriziya commented  · 

    @annagorns: I'm with @katyafhs on this :)
    Creative writing for me is:
    Writing books (and series of books), short stories, scripts for plays/tv series/etc. Writing (short) stories and lore for (video)games, writing background stories for characters in (video)games/books/etc.

    World building: not only imagine what the environment and cities look like, but also cultures, politics, civilizations, history, realistic settings or Full-blown high fantasy settings, what do people wear, what rituals do they have and so much more for books, video games, etc.

    Character development: for authors this is not (so much) the visual art work, but instead the personality, the background information, what do they wear, quirks and habits, what do they like to eat and drink, what are their hobbies, which places do they like to visit, friends & families, foes, what are they scared of, what brings them joy, what dreams for the future do they have, etc.

    For streaming I can imagine:
    - writing sessions: especially during NaNoWriMo months this can be very interesting and inspirational. NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month which has grown into an event with participants from all over the world) has 3 major event months: November (big international writing event), April, July (both smaller international writing events)). During NaNoWriMo November you are challenged to write 50,000 words from November 1 till November 30. In the streaming I can imagine you write for a specific amount of time (for example 30 minutes) and afterwards share how many words you've written and ask viewers how much they've written)
    - talk about the world your book/game/etc plays in
    - talk about your characters
    - Discuss (perhaps with a co-host/speaker/whatever you want to call it) writing hurdles, writing process, for those who have (self) published books talk about the publishing process, etc.
    - show maps you make
    - talk about writing habits
    - etc, etc.

    Enjoy :)

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    sheriziya commented  · 

    I agree with Sleepyheartss. Also, writing isn't a GAME, so putting it in the category of The Writing Game (or whatever that game is called) or 4thwords, doesn't cut it. It's NOT A GAME! We deserve to get the recognition as writers.
    Also, as writers we can do a LOT on stream. We not only stream of us writing, but we can also talk about the world of our books, events, etc.

    sheriziya supported this idea  ·