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    Rhilever supported this idea  · 
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    Rhilever commented  · 

    Yes, this is a fantastic idea. I have a few ideas to add based off previous experiences.

    There have been times where i’ve upgraded to a T3 from T1 or T2 and have then had two subs rolling at the same time. When the current option says “upgrade”, it is easy to assume that the upgrade will cost less the sum of the Already paid for T1 and then roll at the regular price for the following months.

    Moreso then this though, in the past, I preferred to manually resub when my T3 came up as there have been times when I was billed a few days early. However unless I was in the streamers chat the exact day and time that they went live on the day that my resub came up, I have often been gifted a sub due to the algorithm. This then means that I’ve had to cancel the gifted sub and then resub at T3. Not only can this make the gifter feel personally offended that I cancelled the gift sub (and wasted their money), but it is also confusing to the streamer as to weather they will still receive their share of the gift sub cost. Just last week I was gifted a 12 month T1 sub to a streamer that I regularly subbed to at T3 and I had to cancel the sub then they got a refund from Twitch. It was awkward for everyone. Please, please include a way to upgrade from a gifted sub to a higher tier less the original T1 cost. I know this seems like a lesser requested feature but this has been a problem for many T3 subscribers that I know.

    Thank you for including this update though and I look forward to seeing what will be implemented.