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    Kitaru commented  · 

    The Tetris series is a particularly perfect test case for this issue; there is a huge number of entirely different games simply titled "Tetris" without any additional subtitle. A few have cover art that is not just similar, but identical: Nintendo's series of Tetris games for Game Boy, NES, and SNES all have the same logo and key art. This has been splitting the streamers/viewership of the NES Tetris community, as they've been inadvertently clicking a different category with no text available to differentiate them.

    This also applies to games with significant remakes/remasters: looking at a dropdown for Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario RPG, etc., it's similarly difficult (or sometimes nigh impossible) to know which category corresponds to which version of the game. Doom is a fun situation where remakes/remasters and reboots all are shown alongside each other.

    A UX treatment for game categories similar to the one used on Giant Bomb Wiki would be very useful for differentiating identically-titled games. Something along these lines:

    Title (Year) [primary/secondary platforms + n more]

    Tetris (1989) [GB]
    Tetris (1989) [NES]
    Tetris (2009) [PS3]
    Doom (1993) [PC, Mac, + 16 more]
    Doom (2016) [PC, PS4, + 3 more]

    Kitaru supported this idea  ·