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    Rairden1 commented  · 

    The requirement is way more than my 2 banks (8 chars, all lower case).

    Twitch might respond, "Well just use a password manager!" to which I would respond:

    "Twitch users view streams from tablets, TVs, cell phones which don't have password managers. And if you used a public PC to login to twitch you are screwed."

    Fix your "Reset password" page (using Chrome browser). When we type in an 11 symbol password (all lower-case, alpha-numeric, special characters) and it says "Strong" in GREEN TEXT, what does that tell the UX or UI? That indicates to the user experience the password entered is acceptable. Fix your UX. I just spent 30 minutes trying 11, 13, 15, 17 and 20 character (upper, lower case, digits, special symbols) all of which say "Strong" in GREEN TEXT yet it won't accept it when clicking "Set Password".

    When making a new account about a year ago I noticed if you simply include a "space symbol" somewhere in the middle you only need a tiny length like 8-12. Yet 25 symbols of gibberish wouldn't be accepted that didn't include a space symbol.

    And after writing the above paragraph I tried adding a single space somewhere in the middle of my 20 length password and it finally worked. At least now my pass is SOMEWHAT memorable (riiiight).

    Rairden1 supported this idea  ·