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    mouse responded

    Hey there!

    Though we have not yet added support for multiple language tags, we have added more than 350 new options that we think may help out with this particular ask.

    For more information, you can take a look at our blog post at Thank you for your feedback and ideas!

    We will leave this topic open for now for further discussion around whether this meets the needs of the request.

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    8SUN_ commented  · 

    I would just like to add that multilingual tagging would still be highly appreciated. The new tags are lovely (tho the 5 tag limit is starting to get a bit tight haha), but I feel cautious using them because I don't want to miscommunicate to my community and especially people who don't know me because of the strong ties between language and ethnicity.

    For instance, I speak Spanish and English but I'm not ethnically latino or Spanish in any form (ethnically, I'm a descendant of mostly English colonists in the United States). Using the Spanish language tag with the American national tag is probably the most accurate, but it puts a barrier between me and my English audience. To say nothing of how uncomfortable it is to use the term American in its national sense with a Spanish audience-my friends in Guatemala, Chile, Mexico, etc. are all Americans too because they're from the Americas (there are some in the Americas who take issue with "American"="someone from the US" for this reason and I don't disagree with them). But if I use a tag like El Salvador, where my Spanish is from, that entirely miscommunicates my identity. Or the fact that Spanish is also a nationality, so a plain-language Spanish tag doesn't distinguish between nationality or language.

    I provide this as a case example of why the new tags don't replace the need for multilingual tags.

    As a suggestion, handling language tags slightly apart could help, e.g., lang tags could read Language:Spanish, Language:English, Language:Russian, etc to distinguish between them, whereas the national or ethnic version could just read Spanish, English, etc. And it may also be prudent for multilingual users to be able to sort by language expertise, such as:

    PRIMARY: LangX, LangY

    so people coming into stream know how the streamer uses any given language. Esp. since lang-learning streams and streamers who are trying to learn langs are a noteable subcommunity that could better connect with tagging like this.

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    8SUN_ commented  · 

    I stream in English and Spanish, sometimes focusing on one or the other, or jumping between the two when I have a lot of other bilingual speakers in chat. Without multiple language tags, it's hard to communicate to potential and new viewers language use. I don't want to neglect viewers in either language, but I have to choose one or the other in official designations for the stream. As is, it just feels incomplete.

    8SUN_ supported this idea  ·