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    Educational content:

    2020 was a revolutionary year for streaming platforms where virtuality was taking the lead in adapting traditional media to a new way of being connected to the world through virtuality, choosing live streaming platforms as an option very much more open and accessible to the public.

    New trends related to educational content on the platform were emerging as traditional media were adapting to virtuality where interaction with the chat proposed a greater closeness with the audience sharing a much more interactive environment for people who usually dedicate their time to education and study.

    Adding these categories would promote educational content on the platform, make it easier to find it, and new content creators would emerge as well as educational institutions willing to broadcast live on Twitch as a communication channel to promote learning among the younger audience.

    Within this category there will be several topics such as scientific dissemination, history, philosophy, theater, music, technology, programming, design and, many more, leaving a free choice of the specific topic that the streamer wishes to develop during its transmission.

    Pomodoro (Study with me):

    As a result of the virtuality of the classrooms in educational institutions, students spent even more time fulfilling their academic tasks, this gave the opportunity to share, through live broadcasts, that study time with other students who were going through similar situations , where the Pomodoro study technique is practiced, with the aim of making more efficient the productivity and concentration that you dedicate to a specific task, efficiently managing your time.

    These categories would greatly benefit the average viewer who usually consumes this type of content, and in turn, would awaken the interest of the audience that is not familiar with this type of content on Twitch.