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    607 comments  ·  Chat » Chat  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    Hey all – thank you so much for all of your feedback around this change. We understand that this was a feature that many of you used in various situations, including the ability for Moderators to highlight or distinguish messages in Chat, and we agree that is important. We are listening to your ideas and feedback in this area – stay tuned for updates!

    To provide context as to why we’ve made the decision to remove the original functionality of the /me command, we wanted to address the way this feature was being used to perpetrate abuse against members of our community. While we recognize this change is frustrating for some, the safety of our community remains our top priority.

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    Bubbliezz commented  · 

    I think April 29, 2021 was the last official update from Twitch. Would be nice to get another update.

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    Bubbliezz commented  · 

    So if I understand you correctly, we have removed the /me coloring or your name so that it's not highlighted in the color of your name when used in chat because someone was saying hateful and harmful things to someone else in chat using this feature?

    So now, those few people have ruined a feature of a chat room that has utilized for good more than for harm. Meanwhile, I can only assume those using the /me in an offensive way have been punished properly for abusing this and future abuse will be treated the same.

    How is using the /me to be hateful any different than just typing @ the person in chat? It just makes them more noticeable and easier for a mod to ban from the chat. Are we removing highlighting your name when someone types @ you next?

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    Bubbliezz commented  · 

    If this many votes and comments in such a short time isn't enough for you.... not to mention everything on twitter and the conversations going on in Twitch chats right are Blind twitch.

    Can someone PLEASE tell me how this feature was being abused? better yet, confusing?

    Bubbliezz supported this idea  ·