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    Hi all! We really appreciate all of the wonderful feedback and passion surrounding this topic. Reading through the comments, we wanted to clarify one point that may have caused confusion:

    The purpose of this experiment with new directories is intended to better highlight broad groupings of content by bringing them together in directories where they wouldn’t be in direct competition with each other, increasing their exposure. In this way, creative content stands to have better exposure by being separated from gaming, etc. We will know better once the experiment concludes and we’re able to review the data in full.

    That being said, through your feedback, we also recognize that the broad naming of the category as “IRL” doesn’t acknowledge that Creative and IRL content are distinct. We will be evaluating the results of the experiment to determine how we can continue to best support communities’ growth, while ensuring we are…

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    GomitaMonstu commented  · 

    I think it would be a good idea to at least split Art into 2 different categories for more precise metrics and more accurate results than currently is, because just "Art" is too vague and generalized for what people can do.

    What I propose is splitting Art into 2 (At least)

    Traditional Art/Crafts - Means all traditional and physical media such as Sculpting, painting (either acrylics, oils, gouache, etc.), drawing with pencils or inks, markers, and mostly all visual artworks done through physical or traditional mediums.

    (The name could be adjusted to maybe fit it as Traditional Visual Arts or such to specify visual media)

    Digital Art - Means all visual artwork that is created through digital mediums such as digital painting/inking (In programs such as Photoshop, Clip Studio or other programs made for similar artistic purposes), 3D Modeling, Textures, 2D Animation and 3D animation.

    There may be some mediums that I might be missing but this is my general idea on how to make this category slightly more accurate towards the metrics and then we could see if it's worth dividing it into further categories if needed.

    GomitaMonstu supported this idea  ·