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    8 comments  ·  Ads » Other  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
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    DestinyChopsticks commented  · 

    I use adblock. Why? Because in spite of subscribing to several streams, I still get pre-roll ads when I join the channel. To my knowledge, my adblock has only once impaired mid-roll ads that the streamer decided to run during a natural break in the content, and I disabled adblock on that stream.

    Today, my experience has been absolutely terrible because I keep getting attacked by Twitch's new ad BS. In the course of 20 minutes, Twitch has thrice run segments with multiple sequential mid-roll ads when there's no natural break in the content, and has covered up my stream (see picture: These ads had three (3), four (4), and six (6) 30-second ad segments in a row!

    This is UNACCEPTABLE. This is the exact reason why I have adblocker. This is the exact reason I will not turn it off.

    I pay for my content on Twitch. I am subbed to the streamers I watch regularly. I've bought bits. I happily receive mid-roll ads the streamers launch when there is a break in their content. I happily receive pre-roll ads in channels I'm not subbed to. Twitch gets more money from me each month than my cell phone provider does. And still you want to get another fraction of a cent at the cost of ruining my experience?

    No. I will accept a lot, but what I will not accept is mid-roll ads that overrun content. Fix this now or I'll quit supporting you. I'll halt all my subscriptions and donate the money instead to the streamer to cut you out. I'll double down on the adblocks to prevent any from getting through. I'll leech from your servers while giving you nothing back.

    I've used your service for almost 10 years. I deserve to be treated better than this. And I think you'll find this sentiment is shared by most of your userbase.

    DestinyChopsticks supported this idea  ·