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    Hi all! We really appreciate all of the wonderful feedback and passion surrounding this topic. Reading through the comments, we wanted to clarify one point that may have caused confusion:

    The purpose of this experiment with new directories is intended to better highlight broad groupings of content by bringing them together in directories where they wouldn’t be in direct competition with each other, increasing their exposure. In this way, creative content stands to have better exposure by being separated from gaming, etc. We will know better once the experiment concludes and we’re able to review the data in full.

    That being said, through your feedback, we also recognize that the broad naming of the category as “IRL” doesn’t acknowledge that Creative and IRL content are distinct. We will be evaluating the results of the experiment to determine how we can continue to best support communities’ growth, while ensuring we are…

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    Rogue_XD commented  · 

    Yes, please do keep art separate and in it's own category, just like having a makers and crafting category as well as a science and technology category are all important and should not be lumped together. Each are unique and the talented people are many for each category. If anything, spend more time promoting the separate categories by maybe doing a twitch presents weekly stream with various artists from each of the smaller categories like you did with the music category. there are many people that don't know that there is a makers and crafting category that I have come across. I feel when you create a new category to help separate it out it twitch's responsibility to let their members know "new categories have been created, please check them out! 😉" Whether it be in a tweet or each twitch users personal notifications on the browser like you do for drops and other important events.

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