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Moderation Tools

Please share your suggestions and ideas on improving Twitch's moderation tools. Not a forum for reporting users. If you feel a user is breaking the rules, please use the report system on the site. The report system will inform our group of admins about the issue so it can be properly addressed in a more timely fashion, and provides them with extra, useful info.

To file a report, click the gear icon on the users profile page and select the “report” option. Within the report, please include as much information as you can in a well-formatted report. The easier it is for admins to read, the easier it is to deal with!

Our admin team is online 24/7 and will be able to suspend accounts that break our terms of service.

Moderation Tools



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  1. The permitted terms that are added do not end up permitting the word to be used in chat. For example, blocking the word "sex" prevents the chat from using the pride emotes that have the words "sex" in it due to the wildcard. It would be nice if Twitch found a way to sort the Permitted Words list and allow it so the permitted words actually allow the viewers to say the word in chat without it still being blocked.

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    Can you please clarify what term(s) you’re adding to the Permitted Terms list in this example? Are you saying you’ve added “sex” as a Blocked Term, “pansexual” as a Permitted Term, and you still can’t use the Pansexual Pride emote?

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