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New Site Lay-Out Design Needs Some Help

The new website has some issues that really should be looked into. I made a bug report already and I know a whole new launch of a site is a "great thing" and I'm sure hard work went into it but these are just some further general thoughts that really should be considered:

1) You have way to much white in my honest opinion. It is actually blinding. The contrast is just all off. Having a "Dark Theme" like you do on all the Twitch things I'm sure is something being worked on but maybe doing something about the sheer amount of just "white" everywhere might be something to look into. No I can't give you "exact" locations but often times when something jumps out at you and you can't explain it that generally means something is just off.

2) You made changes to the entire site but was every BBC checked to make sure for compatibility? A couple aren't working like the "Spoiler" and the "Horizontal Line" I already made a bug report about this but if those two are broke there could be more. (Event Center seems to be not working on Chrome at least)

3) Everything is just "simple" and I get it. Many people like simple. But there is something that can be "too simple." You are excited to have the launch of this "new site"/"fresh look" but there is no new functionality. Many of the authors who post here, know what we are doing. Perhaps adding some functionality for us authors to better get the mod out there. For the longest time I never understood. You guys have the widget api that allows you to post the Mod/Modpack Widget Externally, why not have a simple button for Authors to "Create Widget" so that they can post there stuff else where without having to generate the widget code and then iFrame it? Or perhaps generate an RSS link so that it can be posted on an author's website? (This may already exist and i think upon further thought it does, but you have to dig for it) These are just simple things that can better enhance this "new site/fresh look" idea, rather then just a skin change.

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Hello, and thank you for taking the time to submit your idea! We are looking into this suggestion internally and will update this page once a final decision has been made. Please add any additional details that you think would be helpful in the comments! We are Listening!

-CurseForge Team


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