How can we improve game mods and CurseForge?

How am I supposed to search for mods now?

I'm not going to be one of those who demands an immediate revert to the old style, but man. Don't take out 9/10 of the features that kept me here in the first place. WHY did you do that? Stupid *** decision.

I was in the middle of a big project. I have to put it on hold now, because it's impossible to find anything on your site any more, let alone in bulk.

- I can't find a way to search / browse mod authors any more. This is stupid.
- Searches I'm CERTAIN are cutting out 90% of results, and they never have multiple pages, which is freaking ridiculous. Even when I search the name verbatim, and I know for certain it's on your site because I have a link that redirects, it still filters out. (I'm guessing probably because of Twitch sync-ability). If I want to search for "stone" I want to SEE the 300+ mods you already have listed! Instead I get 10. Why can't I do this?
- Seriously. A default setting is not a big deal. BUT GIVE ME OPTIONS, make the initial choice for most your users, don't preemptively make them for me and make anything else impossible or a pain **********. Let me search by launcher, or author, or version, twitch-syc-ability, releases only, whatever. You HAD the ability to do half of those things already, and then you took it away.
- I have to click into minecraft every time I go into your site, and it defaults to modpacks. That's annoying. Maybe it's normal, but cookies with a good memory would be nice.

I'm sure I'll find other things that annoy me, but really: This is out of love. This is the ONLY site I can find that is good for this purpose, building modpacks and the like, especially without worries of malware, and abandoned-but-not-clear items, preying on kids playing a video game, etc. What you have is needed. Or what you had is needed, now it's pretty much gone for my purposes.

What do I have to do to get this heard, and answered, and fixed as fast as possible? I'm serious here.

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  • Jason Nordin commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    For what it's worth: I found the following error in the inspect window:

    Uncaught Reference
    Error: _cc3613 is not defined at search?search=stone:1829

    Not a web dev, but I'm guessing it's trying to show me page numbers, but all's I'm getting is the greyed-out 'prev page' left arrow on the far right. I'm sure that part's a bug.Points still stand, though, I think. Don't filter out my results without at least telling me how it's being filtered, and please give me an option to revert that. It needs an advanced search option.

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