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idk why the new Twitch layout sucks but here's some input

Ignore everything below, or don't.

I see a lot of people don't like the new layout. Here are a couple of things I noticed or missed immediately after the layout switch: the site clearly prioritizes Twitch App users which is noticeable in the download button layout, and users can't filter mod files by game versions anymore. EDIT: the mod list is also missing pagination at the bottom of the page, and there isn't a "back to top" either. EDIT 3: no search bar in the header despite the fact that all file content is- nevermind, this is hard. I'm going home.

The whole update feels rushed and it's clearly a tangentially designed and developed layout that doesn't seem to learn much or hasn't been developed to the refinement of the OG layout. wtf guys come o-

The download button is an easy fix. Instead of treating every web user as a second-class citizen (especially if the user can't use your amazing app because it repeatedly fails to download Minecraft properly [macOS, hello], yay) just- use a better design. Instead of two buttons with Twitch accented, get an icon button, stick a divider in-between (like those settings and dropdown buttons) and stick the Twitch logo at the end. Both options are then visibly important and -- you know -- proportionally accurate. 😒

Also, the fact that the file game version filter is missing is what really makes me believe that somebody didn't even look at the original design before literally "generating" this new design out of thin air. I know redesigns are difficult guys -- that's why you don't do them half-heartedly. This is more for management and not the developers. I'm looking at you, Richard. Don't laugh Brett you're next.

EDIT: I completely glossed over the last flaw that actually prompted this post. Can somebody explain to me how someone forgot to add pagination to the bottom of mod pages? Not back to top either. Come on.

EDIT 2: I keep finding new things. This sucks. Let me start over:

1. bad download design (web land is now second-class; there doesn't have to be such a direct conflict)
2. missing game version filter in the file list
3. missing pagination on the bottom of the mod list
4. can't search from the header anymore and oh my god I see what you've done. You broke the boundaries. You maniacs. What have you done? Previously, hosted all Minecraft content. Now hosts all file content and only hosts community content (I think?) so now you can't include a search bar in the header ahhhahhghajadfadsf

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