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Has Dependency Icon

Next to the mod download on main page there should be a small icon to say the file has dependencies. Right now if a user clicks the quick download option there is nothing to tell them there is dependencies. This information is hidden in the files page. Which very few users actually travel to check for dependencies. Many mod authors I've talked to have resorted to "HAS DEPENDENCIES" messages/links at the top of the page.

This could be solved with a little icon, maybe even a number, next to the download button.

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  • Robert Seifert commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Website though if you can manage the app as well that would be a bonus.

    The general idea is to give the user some visual indicator that a mod download has dependencies without needing to view the file information. As for exact visuals, I will leave that up to your design team but here are a few paint doodles. More than likely a nice icon would be needed. Something that looks like a mod, file, etc. That then has a number in the lower corner.

    Additionally, there could just be a dialog that opens on download to inform the user that this mod requires dependencies. Then provide the user with quick URLs to find those dependencies as needed. Steam does this for its workshop to improve user interaction.

    Could even put in some extra detail to use the mod logos to make a compact GUI or recycle your existing mod search code to create a simple scroll list of required mods.

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