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Chronicles of Arcadia


I am returning addon developer for Runes of Magic. After years I got back to licensed game based of same game engine - Chronicles of Arcadia. They do use other game versions and there is a lot of new functions, some are changed with input/output parameters to give more possibilities.

I know many other addon developers who are doing here, through updating popular addons, up to creating new addons that are all-in-one similar to pbInfo in old days, just with other features, or even complex addons containing many mini-addons.

I am very used to Git as of easy with tracking changes and potential contributing by other players, but even as of good communication between game team it is hard to provide such comfortable platform for translations and downloading addons like Curse/Twitch does.

I really hope we can make this game second life by simply providing stable addons service.


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    I could not get my test project approved, so maybe some addon options are not available until it is approved by moderator and/or as I set project as experimental, but here is feedback I collected so far:

    - missing banner and box graphics on CurseForge main page (I guess I could link it to game developers and ask them for it),
    - missing Localization system,
    - missing CurseForge Git repository,
    - missing Automatic Packaging on Git repository,
    - missing Default Relations tab in settings,
    - missing Client Exclusions tab in settings,
    - missing Game Versions (I guess there is no really need put them in case of Chronicles of Arcadia, they add new functions, but you can't play older version and they keep backward compatibility, but without it I can't upload file),
    - missing Paste module,
    - missing Feedback tab (to Twitch Uservoice),
    - disabled Dashboard module,
    - disabled CurseForge news module,
    - again error on forum (it worked for a while).

    Thanks for setuping it!

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