How can we improve game mods and CurseForge?

"Related Projects" section on curseforge pages. (minecraft.curseforge, mainly)

Like you see on the Google Play store, for example.

Use cases I want to use it for: (In my case, mostly with mods)

- Commonly viewed/downloaded together. (Would cover a really all of these, but more specifically:)
- Mods that do the same thing. Categories aren't quite specific enough, and even if I search for it it's still really common that I find a post on something super common on reddit, for example, for something I *specifically* looked for on curse and it didn't come up. This is frustrating.
- Parent/Children mods. Different from dependants; dependants are only reliable if it literally requires the mod to function, which isn't as common as you'd think. This would cover for example forks/reboots/rewrites; for example of older mods; or for different game releases; or for individual features taken from a larger mod; etc.

As a big mod browser/tester, this would do SO many things for me, and I imagine it wouldn't be too far a stretch (especially if you already gather said info, which I'd be surprised if you didn't), and perhaps make the migration from buried forum posts easier.

...I don't really understand why some people still rely on forum posts to host mods nowadays.


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Thank you for this suggestion, we are currently reviewing it. Please add any additional details you think would be helpful in the comments— we are listening!


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