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Twitch Applications: Consoles

This forum is for ideas only*. Learn how it works.

We welcome your feedback about the viewing experience on console apps, but please note we cannot take feedback regarding the streaming experience on them, as it is developed by the respective console

Note: Submitting an idea does not guarantee that Twitch will take action on the feedback provided. We'll provide updates when we have new information for you. Learn about our statuses & see answers to FAQs about the feedback forums.

*Suggestions with non-constructive (no actionable) feedback, appeals or commentary on suspension decisions, support requests, and suggestions disparaging others may be closed without comment. Titles that are unclear or unnecessarily vulgar may be reworded to better reflect the request for ease of discovery.

Support Information & Links:
  • Help Portal: Tons of articles that may answer your questions.
  • Email Support: Available to assist users 24/7, please use the Contact Us form in the Help Portal.
  • Live Chat (beta): Open to all Partners & Affiliates [Monday to Friday, from 1 AM (01:00) to 5 PM (17:00) PST].
  • @TwitchSupport (on Twitter): Available Monday to Friday, from 1 AM (1:00) to 5 PM (17:00) PST.

Twitch Applications: Consoles



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