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Improve Navigating Large Video sets on XBOX and PS4

I follow GeekAndSundry and like to watch their old videos (e.g. anything in the Talks Machina collection: https://www.twitch.tv/collections/-jcL_5xZ0BS1lw). However, GeekAndSundry has so many videos that navigating through them is difficult, especially via the XBOX and PS4 Apps. Normally, to get to an older video (e.g. episode 15 of Talks Machina) I have to scroll all the way back in time to the very oldest videos (which can take several minutes of mindless button-holding) and then I can scroll forward to the episode I am looking for. But doing this is extra difficult because the old videos only show unhelpful labels like "2 years ago" instead of precise dates (e.g. 9/13/2016). Many of these broadcasts happen on a regular cadence, so having precise dates would make it easier to find the exact video I am looking for.

It would also help if I could see the video's title as part of the navigation.

Finally, it would be extremely helpful to be able to navigate collections on the XBOX/PS4. When looking at a channel, there are options for things like "videos". It would be great to have an option for "collections" which then lists out the collections for that channel--sorted alphabetically, or by popularity, or by most-recently-added-video-timestamp (this last one probably being the most useful). It would be even better if I could choose how to order the collections, or if I could "favorite" a collection to get it to show up in the main navigation window (e.g. see it when launching the app, or in that first set of options when viewing a channel).

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