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Dear Twitch Staff!

Your company occupies a leading position in the segment of streaming services and, of course, you are the leaders in this field.
Specialists with whom you will have to work tomorrow need to be formed today. Therefore, it is so important to invest in the younger generation your knowledge and experience, making them Twitch Partners.
Unfortunately, at the moment there is a problem of unnoticed, but worthy of your attention streamers.
To simplify the process of reviewing applications for partnership, an achievement system has been added. But even after completing all of them, working with the platform for 3 years now, maintaining a stable audience, as well as a daily contribution to improving the Twitch Community, the creator is often left without partnership in the program.
In this regard, I ask you to consider again the candidacy of the owner of the channel nijanmanul.
Much obliged, because more than 3 million broadcasters and even more viewers are pinning their hopes on you.

Yours faithfully

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