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Add an Event Tab that groups similar streams from one event.

I watch a lot of fighting game streams and fighting games are low numbers for twitch which causes pain for viewing multiple games at the same event. Some events have their own streaming team, such as Evolution (the largest fighting game tournament in the world), where they have their streams named Evo1, Evo2, etc.,
This weekend is a far smaller event called Frosty Faustings and they have unaffiliated people running official tournament streams.

We can increase Event stream visibility by having an Events tab on the front page with the name of the event. Clicking on the Event brings up its own page established by the Event Organizer and their participating streams. If possible, this page can have a Follow button and a Bits bin, where the bits are split 50/50 between the Event and the Streamer hosting the official stream.

The Fighting Game Community is older than justin.tv but the majority of large events are funded by the players through tournament admissions, resulting in smaller prize pools. With an Events tab driving visibility and an Event Bits Bucket supplementing the costs, I believe Twitch can help the FGC maintain a presence in the world of eSports.

Thanks for reading!

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