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Creating a restriction for bots to fight spam

There are people on Twitch, who have a program that allows bot spamming in chats. They buy accounts somewhere in the form of login:oauth:token and connect them to their program.
They used to spam ads to promote themselves, now they do that to create conflicts between streamers or just to mess with streamers.

It is possible to get an Oauth:token through the Twitch API request, using apps verified by Twitch.
If I understood correctly from the developer's words, Twitch can get info about a token that sent the message.

What do I suggest to deal with the problem is to add a form to a channel settings in order to put there the names of users (bots), which can send messages in chat using oauth:token got by a 3rd party app.

I think it'll be the most effective way to deal with spammers because in most cases the accounts used for spamming are stolen ones and users whose accounts were stolen wouldn't be happy to find out they were banned from some channels because someone was spamming from their accounts.

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