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More exposure to Creative and IRL categories

Creative and IRL categories have been available, in some form, on Twitch for nearly 3 years now, ever since the Bob Ross series was marathoned. Yet, despite the existence of these categories, people are woefully unaware of the existence of any of them, except the biggest two: Just chatting, and Music and performing arts. The latter of which is usually overrun by 24/7 radio channels, while Just chatting is still a "catch-all" category for even content that should be categorized under the specific ones (eg. Travel and outdoors, etc).

It's not uncommon for people to comment along the lines of "wow, I didn't know people were streaming this on Twitch" when a Creative channel is raided by a Gaming channel, or when a musician is raided by a Gaming channel. "Actual talent on Twitch" is a bit of a meme now, which I've heard so often myself.

My suggestion:
https://www.twitch.tv/directory needs to change. Instead of mixing in the non-gaming categories with the gaming one, and sorting them by viewership, pin the non-gaming categories to the very top regardless of viewership counts. These categories desperately need the exposure, and have some of the most unique content on Twitch (and most of Twitch is still unaware of their existence). This will not impact the gaming channels, as people already know that Twitch is a platform that started off as a game streaming platform. The gaming categories can follow below the non-gaming ones, and will still be sorted by viewership.

People need to know that these categories exist, so that more people will explore them, and discover the unique streamers. Streamers who have so much creativity to share with the rest of Twitch.

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    I was going to suggest a related idea but it may be better to just post it over here. What Rashdan is suggesting, to give more exposure to non-gaming categories, could be very easily solved by creating a "Gaming" or "Video Games" category in itself and moving all the video games into it as sub-categories. That way the Twitch directory would only show about 20 categories that are easily distinguished and filled with the appropriate type of content. With the current categorization the non-gaming content is barely noticeable between the thousands of video games. Many streamers choose the "Just Chatting" category because it's at the top and many viewers don't even know about the rest of the non-gaming categories. This way the categories would even out. Streamers would feel more confortable picking the appropriate category for their content without fearing they would lose out on viewers and they would get more easily discovered. Viewers would find the type of content they may be interested in much easier. The "Just Chatting" category could be renamed to just "Chatting" (see what I did there?). Other existing categories could be changed into sub-categories such as moving D&D, Chess, Poker, etc. into a "Tabletop Games" category, and so on. I also think an "Arcade Games" category could be added as well. Adding an eSports tag to the filter would help further split the gaming content into what viewers are looking for.

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