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Blind Accessibility Support

My name is Brandon Cole, and I am a totally blind Twitch streamer and viewer, as well as an accessibility consultant for video games, and an advocate for accessibility for the blind. I am attempting to climb the ranks as a streamer, and have currently reached
affiliate status. However, this is not without its struggles. I have been forced to commission a friend of mine to log into my Twitch account to export
my videos to my Youtube channel. I've had to do this because the screen for exporting videos is not accessible with screen reading software. I have tried
multiple screen reading solutions, and multiple browsers, and the issue persists. This screen used to work perfectly, but after Twitch went through one
of its more recent series of changes, that and a couple other screens became inaccessible. You can perhaps imagine my shock when I discovered I also wasn't
able to subscribe to a Twitch streamer I liked because that screen was now inaccessible as well. Again, this is another screen that used to work fine.

I would like to ask that accessibility to the visually impaired receives some consideration. i am not the only blind Twitch streamer out there, and I can
tell you we'd really appreciate it. Test with screen readers, one of which, (NVDA), is free, find out what the export screen, the edit video info screen,
and the subscription screen have in common, and potentially fix them. If that cannot be done, provide an alternative page for the visually impaired that
functions differently. You are, in one sense, already doing this with the subs.twitch.tv page, which I learned about from Dr. Lupo. This is a viable workaround
for blind people, as this page functions perfectly for subscribing. If the ability to gift a sub can be added to that page, and if pages can be created
so we can do the other things mentioned here ourselves, we will be most grateful. I would not hesitate to shout your greatness to everyone if you were
to do this for us. Please, please let me know if you have any other questions, and if by chance there's any way I can help. Thank you, and have an amazing

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