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Replays should not be for Affiliates only.

Every week I have received new followers and increased views on my channel - https://twitch.tv/RealMillenniumGroup with replays. I can rarely raid other streamers as my free time is very limited due to real life responsibilities and Replays have been a strong way to increase traffic to my channel. Even on the rare occasions I have actually been able to raid another streamer, I have never seen an increase in followers or traffic to my channel because of it. Please tell me again how Replays are not helping my channel.

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  • Garz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Honestly sounds like you're better off running a YouTube channel then. The whole point of streaming is to be LIVE, so you're viewers can interact with you. At least that's the way i see it. If you are mainly doing replays just to get views, maybe streaming isn't the path you should be choosing.

    Just my opinion. Take it as you wish.

  • RMGGaming2 commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I received e-mail notice of a new follower literally 15 minutes before e-mail notice of the change in the replay status. That follower was because of a replay. I think the Twitch Creator best knows how and when to grow their channel better than Twitch. Some of us are in no rush for Affiliate status and would rather share our current content through replays since, you know, not all of us can live and stream 24/7. Replays are a great way for us to continue to highlight our own content when we cannot be live.

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