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Against Streamsniper !!

Against Streamsniper !!

A lot of streamer got the problem that streamsniper are going to crash some streams. The get angry very fast and the viewer donthave fun in the sream.
You can ban the streamsniper from chat but i want ban them from my channel.
Better will be an option wich i can choose the ban. Right klick on the Viewer and the Ban. But there shuold be an dropdown menu wich i can choose ban from chat or ban from channel !!
I dont want streamsniper looking my channel. And i need an option wich i can choose that only registerd User can see my stream!
I think this will help against streamsniper !

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  • qlolo commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Some games actually punish for this, if you can somehow gather enough evidence (maybe a linked username / gameaccount to a twitch account) maybe you can submit it to the community leaders in a certain game's discord or something of the like and get the player's account banned in-game.
    In addition to trying to report them in-game, try and clip them and report them via their profile on Twitch. Stream Sniping is usually a one-time thing from a person, not something that is over and over again. As Anon said, a hardware ban or an IP-Ban would have to be done, which I don't think Twitch will do c;

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    only way to execute something like this is probably a hardware ban, not sure if thats possible or against ToS.

    Stream snipers will probably just make new accounts and keep on stream sniping.
    It's hard to tell if a new viewer is a new viewer or the 2nd account of a stream sniper.

    Stream sniping is against the community guidelines anyway, so i guess you can report them(?)

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