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Follower Emotes (PARTNERS)

My Idea would fit more for Partners then for Affiliates, I think.

It would be awesome to have 1 Emote Slot free for Followers, so People can Follow my Channel and get this one special Emote as thank you.

This would directly create a sympathy between Streamer and Follower, and Followers eventually want more Emotes from the channel when they already like the follower Emote, this would raise the support insanely, I think.

Also People can share your emote with other viewers/streamers and just have a good time with some free emotes from their Favorites channels/streamers.

I personally enjoy it the most when people use my Emotes and they like it.

Thanks! :)

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  • foxotic commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Only issue with that is if people don't want the emote it is now bulking up their emote feed ; I like the idea but should add that if it's being made, it should definitely have an option to opt out of the emote if chosen

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