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Move the blue broadcast bar to another area on xbox one! Please!!!

I know there are already people that posted this idea. But it seems that it has fallen on deaf ears when it comes to the developers that made this app to broadcast games. Unforntunately, I have no choice but to roll with it. I was playing PUBG and that bar covers up my player characters vital instantly. All I see is a white line which is my health bar. The rest of my character info is being overlapped. This seems like it would be a matter of a simple update to move the bar that doesn't affect gameplay itself for most games. Or at the very least put an option in settings to adjust it. I just started using Twitch and this is my 1 and ONLY gripe about it. If you still use Twitch for XBox 1 or if that's you're only option. Please vote! Ty.

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  • wade commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    try playing rainbow six siege with it. it totally covers your ammo and ive died so many times becuase i cant see my ammo and i go into a gunfight thinking i have about 25-27 left in my gun

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    how can i remove the blue bar it screwing with my streams as on pubg and red dead 2 there important parts of the screens

  • Scott Daylor commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I tried streaming Skyrim and the bar seems like it was designed to cover your health bar. Pinball games can be a pain too as the bar will block your flippers on most views.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Lamentablemente he decidido para los juegos que me molesta la barra ... pasarme a Mixer donde si se puede mover y ponerlo en un lugar donde no te moleste.

    Unfortunately I decided for the games that bother me the bar ... move to Mixer where you can move and put it in a place where it does not bother you.

  • Rob's Gaming Stream commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I've been thinking. Why the hell are we voting. I'm talking directly to the Twitch developers. It's YOUR software. Why do we have to vote for you to make a simple problem go away. It's no wonder people have given up. Couldn't you take it within yourselves and make a decision. Or is this just a way for you to sit on your behinds and ignore us. Do people come here to post suggestions anymore? Hopefully, I'll be able to get a better setup to stream my games. In your own way you've told XBox 1 users "To go eat a lemon". What the hell? We vote on something you should already be working to correct yourselves. Otherwise, what's the point. Really?!? Isn't it your JOB to listen to users of your software. I assume you make money by us using it in general. So why don't you want to improve it. I don't have a laptop, and a video game converter box connected using a program like OBS to stream atm. All I have is the Twitch app that came installed on my XBox and atm that's all I can use. I'm not even asking for votes anymore. It's not our JOB to vote for something that we suggest. You should have people to do that for you anyway, I'm asking for votes for you to change YOUR OWN SOFTWARE like I'm trying to get a bill passed in the HOR. This is a very stupid way of doing things imo. And I think you (Twitch Developers) need to know about it. I mean no disrespect. Seriously, I Dont! But all of this feels like an excuse to ignore us. AGAIN IT'S YOUR SOFTWARE!!! Isn't the customer always right? Or is there a vital line of code within the software that directly affects the broadcasting bar if changed will cost you millions? It's a poor effort on your part and a punch in the eye to XBox One Gamers atleast the ones that has nowhere else to turn. It may be our choice to give you ideas for you to profit from them to help ourselve's possibly profit from them. But at the same time a lot of people may not give 2 shits about the other person's idea, except for their idea alone, and waste the limited votes that we want to use on our own idea, and really pay little attention to the other person's idea. Then it becomes who knows who? Some friends that use Twitch to tell the other(s). To vote on each other's idea(s) just for YOU to give it a pass. If a famous streamer contacted you with this you'd likely listen. Now it's a popularity contest... I just showed atleast 5 flaws within your system. And maybe more within those flaws. This whole thing is pointless. What happens if I get the votes need for you to step up to make the change? You VETO yourselves!?!...

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