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More Affiliate Emotes

As an affiliate who is succeeding in grabbing a wonderful community of viewers and subscribers, I would love for them to receive what they deserve for their patronage to both me and Twitch. I believe that Partners should 100% be allotted more emotes for their success, but the same could be said for us affiliates. I understand that can be difficult to do considering you (Twitch) wants to have more benefits for partners. However, I believe there is a middle ground that could be met and I have a few ideas that I will list to give us hard working affiliates, and our subscribers, more incentive.

1. There could be a more strict/ more difficult amount of sub points for an affiliate to receive an extra Tier 1 emote slot, such as :
One Emote: Base
Two Emotes: 25 sub points
Three Emotes: 50 sub points
(So basically the Partner Emote Milestones, but a new one for us Affiliates)

2. Remove the option for higher tier subscription options to allow for more emote slots in lower tiers.

3. Viewership Milestones, once the affiliate has reached an average concurrent viewership over a 30 day spread of X amount of viewers they are given Y extra emotes.

These were just some ideas that I personally had, I believe option 1 to be VERY do-able. I and so many others hope to see progress in this area in the future!
Thank you,


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  • jay commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have a twitch channel that averages 40 viewers. I have been streaming for a year and a half and have 300 subs.

    Because of my average viewer count, I am still a ways from partner, but I have more subs than even a lot of partners that I know. My community is loyal and sooo generous, I wish I could give them more emotes. They are paying the same amount of money to twitch subbing to me, as they would subbing to a partner... yet they only get one emote.

    I do understand the need for partners to have perks and motivation, but you can do that while still allowing subscribers to benefit a little more from subbing to an affiliate.

    I propose that the emotes be based on sub points. If there MUST be one, there could be a limit to maybe 3 emotes per tier for affiliates. But honestly, if subscribers have to pay the same amount of money to sub to me, as they do to sub to a partner, they should receive a little more in return.

    I hope #Twitch reads this

  • SilentSnaple commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would be amazing to have a couple more emotes to offer to your loyal subscribers at tier 1. Not everyone has the money to spend on a tier 3 sub every month. Just the fact that they subbed is enough for me to want spend the time on making them some more emotes. They took it to the next level in supporting the channel so why can't we give back? Emotes are fun and make the chat much more interesting and open which is great for a growing streamer.

  • Max commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I totally agree.. we should at least have 5 emotes allowed on tier 1.. not everyone can grind to partner status so this would at least be something great for everyone with the Affiliate status. not that its a need but its for the support. you want emotes like "hype and hi" on tier 1 not tier 2 or 3 to have your subscribers to use it. i do feel twitch should allow more for Affiliate status i really do.

    - maxbooiii

  • Mark Romero commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I completely agree. 1 emote for $4.99 is a tough sell. People will likely subscribe to help but I think twitch should allow say 3 emotes for tier 1, 2 for tier 2 and 1 extra for tier 3. You could even reverse that payout and give 1 at tier 1, 2 at tier 2 and 3 at tier 3.

    I don't see why it would be a problem on the revenue end as they would potentially get more tier 2 subs. I wonder if it has something to do with more emote spam/chat usage therefore more demand/server usage. Could be an opportunity costs issue.

    Either way I want more emotes for my subscribers.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I wanted to suggest this but saw youd beaten me to it! Very good suggestion and I sincerely hope we can further reward our loyal subscribers in the future. 1 emote is not enough.


  • VarenDerpsAroundPC commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I personally think this could be a wonderful addition to the twitch platform. Personally, I've exploded in just 2 weeks time. I'm avg'ing 20+ viewers a stream and have 30 subs since being affiliated (yes) 2 weeks ago. I've been searching everywhere wondering if I will get another emote or not. Personally I will not be uploading a 9.99 sub emote or a 24.99 sub emote. My viewers want to support me, and I want to support them. My decision to abstain from using those emote slots is my sort of rebellion to the fact, my viewer is paying a significantly more amount of money for a single emote, and I'm sure at some point I'll put emotes in them, but its not a priority. Bits seem to feed the viewers need for donating and getting badges (off topic) ty for letting us do monthly and weekly bit champs. I'm completely baffled at how, when, and if I'll get any additional emote slots. I've now heard 3 different ideas but no real response from twitch.

    I feel blessed with what twitch has given me in both a community and a goal for partnership with the affiliate program, I just believe there could be potentially some small tweaks, much like this post talks about that could allow less strife between partners and affiliates.

    Honestly, right now, It's a little gross for someone with very little experience to just jump in and start off on the right foot. Again, I've been a part of the twitch community for a little over 2 years, but I've only been streaming for 2 weeks today. I really do feel that a couple minor tweaks to how affiliates gain those tastee sub points on a regular basis via perks such as additional (not to the extent that partners gain) emote slots. I think custom emotes on twitch are your best way of marketing to a wide variety of viewers old and young. Bc who wouldn't want a derpy little emote of your favorite streamer, big or small.

    I'm not asking for emotepocolyse here, I don't think anyone want's that. I'd just like some clarification on what affiliates need or can do to obtain more emotes.

    I hope this meets everyone well, It's a wee bit early in the morning for this but It was needed.

    Much love, and waffles,


  • TheLuffyTV commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    @boomninja I will start by saying that your comment is not very constructive because you never mentioned anything wrong with my ideas, such as if they could fail and why. Also I will counter what you just said and explain my ideas are better than what you propose.
    Why do I need more emotes? - I personally don't need more emotes, I want to be able to reward my supporters and Twitch patrons. They support not only me but the platform we all stream and watch on.
    Reach 75 viewers? - Did you know that it is not just reach 75 viewers and you'll be good to go? It is an average of 75 over a 30 day spread. Some CURRENT partners cannot even handle that, so to ask an affiliate to manage that when a partner cannot even handle it puts the idea of ever getting more emotes in a very far away place. Which i'm not saying it is not achievable, but something to help along the way would be nice and productive.

    So my solution was to create a stricter set of goals for us affiliates to also have the ability to obtain more emotes based on performance and numbers, just like the partners but more challenging so that partners still have their perks. A lot of affiliates would not benefit from this considering they have less than 10 subs and less than an average of 5 viewers per stream. But for us in the grey area between affiliate and partnership, it would help give our viewers and Twitch supporters more incentive to support their favorite streamers.

    Also a question I have for you... Why is it such a bad idea? You started your comment with "Bad Idea!" Why? It is actually an incredible idea that could have Twitch further their revenue by giving people more of a reason to subscribe to affiliates (WHICH MAKE UP 90% OF TWITCH, see the possible revenue I'm getting at???). So sir to you, I say your comment was a bad comment. It did not give me any insight as to why my ideas were wrong and I just wonder why it bothers you in the first place that such an idea would go through.


  • BoomNinja commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Bad idea! Why do you need more emotes? You are affiliate because your channel is starting and growing. If your channel growth you get partnership! you can see your progress in stats and achievement page in your control panel.

    If your channel grows you will have partner and many more emotes. But if your channel doen't grow and never can reach 75 viewers what is necessary for partnership. Why do you need more emotes?

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