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Autohost based on game

We have an official game channel on Twitch -- we have tons of streamers that play the game, but (of course) most are variety streamers.

We'd love to autohost some of these folks playing our game, but it'd be awkward if we autohost them and they randomly play :any game that's not our game:. After all, it's the official game Twitch channel!

This would be useful to any themed streamers or gamers that only play x or y game. There may be variety streamers that play MOBAS but a LoL Twitch channel would autohost their friends only when they're playing that particular game.

Game name is already in the meta data, seems like it'd be minimal effort to implement!

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  • Thrustmaster commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    As someone who streams a lot of one game, I really like this idea. It also opens new opportunities for networking and streamer growth. As a smaller streamer myself, being able to connect with the a game developer and have the potential for them to host me on their official channel is a fantastic idea, and something I wholeheartedly support. This is an idea that benefits everyone involved at the same time, too. The streamer gains exposure from being hosted, and the Devs gain exposure by the streamer putting the game in front of new people. I'd love to see this implemented on Twitch

  • Dylan Hunt commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    > "Sorry sweetie but on Twitch they support the streamers on being streamers, not on the games they play. Don't be scummy".

    There are tons and tons of "themed" streamers out there -- they only play strategy games. Only FPS games. Only "League of Legends". Only "Hearthstone". If they have followers and only play these types of games, it'd only make sense to autohost similar themes as the streamer.

    This can also support smaller streamers -- for example, official channels can autohost users playing their game. Most all games, these days, has an "official channel".

    Other uses include marathons of x game -- gotta sleep, sometime. Autohost someone else playing to fill in the blank!

    Another situation: Let's say you autohost someone playing a game similar to what you usually stream. Let's say some goodie goodie Hello Kitty Island Adventure stream. You autohost them and grab dinner -- forget you're autohosting. Then they switch to some NSFW game with blood, guts, murder and nudity. O NOES! Autohost by game fixes this issue. They switch games? Goodbye autohost to them.

  • RelaxItsProxy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Great idea, would help game developers shout out smaller channels that are playing their game when they are playing their game. For example if a streamer who only streams league of legends hosts another streamer while playing league of legends then they switch to a smaller game like Town of Salem, then the league streamer's fans are going to be confused why the streamer is hosting someone playing a completely different game from a different game genre. This could also help as I stated before that game developers could host smaller streamers playing their game to help get them some promotion to get started. The auto game host also comes into play here say Town of Salem hosts a streamer then the streamer streams League of Legends, then the Town of Salem fans are going to be confused why the Town of Salem Twitch channel is hosting someone playing League of Legends. Very great idea, hope it gets implemented

  • Yoshi Bandragon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Sorry sweetie but on Twitch they support the streamers on being streamers, not on the games they play. Don't be scummy

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