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Hi Twitch Staff,

I really like what do you a lot, but most of the streamers i like are in a totally different timezone. When i want to see a specific game being played by them, i have to look through VOD thumbnails until i find the game I'd like to see.

As weird as it might sound, there's several adult websites that have markers in a vods timeline (when a scene changes, for example) and when you hover those markers, they will show detailed info at what happened at that part of the video.

My suggestion is: Monitor events during a vod, mainly for game changed, but this could also be used for submode activated or many other things (many big streamers have giveaways for example, and people might want to catch up on what was given away last stream). So when you hover over a game changed marker it could state extended info such as "Game changed to: XYZ" and maybe even if the streamer himself did it or one of the mods issued it.

I'm very curious of what you think of my idea!

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