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Create a list of "Restricted Games" that can only be broadcasted behind an 18+ age gate.

Some games with nudity/sexual content are banned, and some games with nudity/sexual content are NOT banned. This creates a dilemma; on a daily basis, I see many broadcasters and users saying, "Why is X banned, while Z is unbanned? Z is worse than X! We should be able to broadcast X on this website!" These inconsistencies have caused confusion and frustration for broadcasters and viewers alike.

For the purpose of this suggestion, let us establish two types of games:

1. Pornographic games.
2. Games that contain nudity/sexual content, but are NOT pornographic in nature.

Pornographic games can be defined very easily; the sole purpose of the game is provide sexual gratification. Examples:

The Maiden Rape Assault: Violent Semen Inferno
Artificial Academy
Artificial Girl
Battle Rape

There are numerous games that DO contain nudity/sexual content, but do NOT exist for the sole purpose of sexual gratification. Examples:

South Park: The Stick of Truth
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Grand Theft Auto 4 & 5
The Order: 1866
Dante's Inferno
Conan: Exiles
Manhunt 2

Some of the games on Twitch's list of prohibited games contain nudity/sexual content, but were NOT created for the sole purpose of sexual gratification. Examples:

What's Under Your Blanket?
Yandere Simulator
Genital Jousting
Second Life

Some of these games are arguably LESS sexual and have LESS extreme content than several Mature-rated games that are currently permitted on Twitch. In order to prevent users from experiencing frustration and confusion when trying to determine "Why is X banned, while Z is unbanned?" Twitch could change the way that it classifies games.

Instead of:

1. Prohibited
2. Not Prohibited

We could have:

1. Prohibited - Completely banned.
2. Restricted - Locked behind an 18+ "age gate".
3. Neither - Visible to everyone.

Twitch currently permits streamers to click a checkbox that marks their stream as "Mature Content - Inappropriate for younger audiences". Streamers would be required to click this checkbox if they intend to play any game that has been added to Twitch's "Restricted Games" list.

Any non-pornographic game that prominently features nudity / sexual content (Such as South Park: The Stick of Truth and Conan: Exiles) would be added to the Restricted List.

Optionally: Viewers would be able to opt-in or opt-out of "Restricted" broadcasts. Broadcasters who are streaming restricted games would be hidden completely from viewers who have not opted-in. Potentially, e-mail verification could be used to finalize the opt-in. The list of restricted games would be updated over time.

If ALL non-pornographic games with nudity/sexual content were treated the same way - everything from South Park to Conan to Yandere Simulator - then Twitch would benefit in multiple ways:

1. Broadcasters would be able to stream non-pornographic games that are currently prohibited.
2. Viewers would have a greater degree of control over the type of content that they want to watch.
3. Twitch would never be accused of inconsistent rule enforcement or suspected of biased judgements.

Thank you for your time.

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    YandereDevYandereDev shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • SititiSititi commented  · 

        It bugs me so much that adults can't stream games for adults with adult humor. I am of course not talking about rape games or even games that are just plain pornography, but as it is right now I can't even play the hillarious point and click game Leisure Suite Larry! And Good forbid I should play HunieCam Studio, a time management game with no nudity or sex wath so ever. The rules as they stand right now, with no means of opting out of the kiddie-pool, is quite frankly not very embracing of Twitch's very large adult userbase.And so what if it is easy to bypass the whole "verify you're 18+"? If that really is the biggest concern, that children and teens could encounter games with adult humor, then make people verify theire identity with a bankcard. I couldn't care less if that means I get fewer viewers, if anything the 12-year old trolls would finally disapear from my chat - which in it self is good enough reason to opt into an "18+ only"-channel. If kids still got hold of a user that bypassed a stricter age-verification process, well then that is bloody bad parenting by the actuall parent and not Twitch's problem. And you shouldn't make it your streamers problem either.

      • RisingRising commented  · 

        Sounds good! this sort of thing is really important to game developers everywhere!

      • CollinCollin commented  · 

        ID Verification. Boom, done.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Do you think this will work? Im being serious, will it? I can create an account and say im 99 and i can pass any lock. Make it link to Facebook to check your age? Make a fake facebook with, again, an age higher than 18, and im in once again. This will not work, it isnt twitch's job to monitor, its the parents. The can whitelist certain URL's of streamers or the site. Twitch stand up for yourself here, you're not a parent, you're a business. Some games have "graphic content in them but are okay, the trends seem to point that the games that are the problem are weird Japanese porn games. Just ban them then, because unlike south park's SOT game where it comical nudity, its a rape simulator, not good for PR imo.

      • Just_HannaJust_Hanna commented  · 

        I agree, Dev! That's an awesome idea! I spent 3 votes on this, with I could use all of them! C'mon Twitch, you need to listen to this idea!

      • YandereDevYandereDev commented  · 

        Thank you all very, very much for your support and your kind words!

      • YandereDevYandereDev commented  · 

        I don't think that Twitch is going to accept my suggestion...but, I'm still very, very grateful to everyone who offered their support!

      • YandereDevYandereDev commented  · 

        4,333 upvotes, no response from Twitch...that's not a good sign.

      • YagamiYagami commented  · 

        Prohibited is a censorship,please don't be like Youtube ¬¬

      • AGamerNekoAGamerNeko commented  · 

        I don't care if people support Yandere sim. It's really not a battle about Yandere Simulator, child porn, or stuff. It's just what people are mako he in the comments, seriously. I mean, even if I didn't know Yandere Simulator I'd vote for this because it plainly makes sense and will help Dev's like YanDev in the future.

      • YagamiYagami commented  · 

        Please don't be a SJW,don't turns Twitch into any sh1t like Youtube -.-

      • Lenarodriguez17Lenarodriguez17 commented  · 

        This is a pretty solid idea. If twitch did thus insteam of completely banning the game, it would be so much better

      • BiancaBianca commented  · 

        YandereDev is right!

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        Ok I Just Saw The Twitch Responded To Me Vid... Just Came Out...............

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